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With The GTW 6 Week Primer Level Program.

Here's what you'll get:

Over the course of 6 weeks (you can take longer), you’re going to discover how to master the art of bodyweight training as an over 40s man.

Here’s just a small glimpse of why you WILL succeed with the GTW Primer Level Program:

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How GTW Primer is Different

At GTW, we understand the common pitfalls of the fitness industry because we’ve been there.

The GTW Health & Fitness Lifestyle Program is tailored specifically for men over 40, acknowledging the unique challenges and advantages of our age group.

  • Routines Tailored Specifically for You

    The GTW Primer Program is designed to meet the specific needs of men our age. Many guys joining Primer have not trained for a long time, and for some, this is their first fitness program. GTW prioritizes joint, tendon, and ligament health, flexibility, and sustainable strength training to achieve maximum muscle growth.

  • Structured Simplicity

    No more feeling lost or overwhelmed. Our step-by-step guides ensure you always know exactly what you need to be doing, what's next, and why you're doing it.

  • True Progress, No Pain

    We debunk the "No Pain, No Gain" myth. With GTW, you WILL push yourself, but always within safe and healthy boundaries.

  • The GTW Tribe Is Behind You

    Our community is our strength. With GTW, you're not just joining a program; you're joining a tribe, a brotherhood.

  • Realistic Goals, Real Results

    We're not about quick fixes. GTW is a lifestyle program. Not some poxy 14-day program, then you’re done. The GTW Health & Fitness Lifestyle Program is about sustainable, realistic progress for consistent results over the long term.


The GTW 180 Day - Fitter, Stronger, Happier Guarantee

If you are not 100% over-the-moon satisfied after 180 Days of test driving the Primer Level Program, please ask for a full refund.

After the first 6 months of training with GTW, if you’re not Fitter, Stronger and Happier than when you first started, we have no right to keep your hard-earned money. Get in touch and we'll refund your initial investment.

Health Warning:

Members are urged to always consult a medical professional or physician before starting any exercise program.

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